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Capital Asset Management

Track the lifecycle costs of your equipment and make informed decisions on when to replace equipment versus continuing to repair

How Can Capital Asset Management Help Your Bottom Line?

Full Service Asset Tagging

Full service asset tag all of your equipment, and collect the make, model, manufacturer and purchase date

Track Equipment Life Cycle Costs

Track the life cycle costs of your equipment and make informed decisions on when to replace equipment versus continuing to repair

R&M Cost Reduction

Proactive warranty capture for repair and maintanance cost reduction

Accrual Reports

To help you manage repair expenses that have yet to report to your financials

Location Expenditure Reports

Repair and maintenance reports by company, region and location

Manufacturer Performance Reports

Repair and maintenance reports by manufacturer to assist in purchasing decisions

Super Simple Setup!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just scan the QR code and give us your Make/Model/Serial Number/Install Date..

This CRS Asset Tagging “How-To” Video shows us how easy it is to tag your equipment using Asset Tag QR stickers and the Asset tagging mobile app.

Total Dollars Saved by CRS Customers Over Time
Chain Restaurant Solutions will help you find the gaps in your facilities management.

CRS is Your One Source Solution

Improve your capital management with our "Help Desk" support for troubleshooting, calling contractors for breakdowns, reviewing invoices for accuracy and compliance with terms, warranty capture on equipment and facility along with equipment tracking and reporting.

What Are Other Business Operators Saying?

I’m so glad we have partnered with Chain Restaurant Solutions for the last 3 years. C.R.S. has made the tedious day to day tasks of repair and maintenance of our equipment and buildings convenient and manageable. C.R.S. has taken the invoice auditing process, and verifying equipment warranty status off our hands, and all the while streamlining the hassles of placing service calls. You can read more about what they do and how they have helped Taste Buds Management.

Taste Bud's Management

We contracted with Chain Restaurant Solutions over 5 years ago, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of maintenance website design, site optimization, and site submission. Their work has been a major factor in our maintenance website's success, helping it to become one of our best resources to maintain the servicing of our Panera Bread cafes as well as tracking the cost of maintenance for all our equipment. Chain Restaurant Solutions offers high quality services. We have always received prompt solutions to any issues with the utmost professionalism. We can say, without a doubt, we have been satisfied with their work. We can confidently recommend Chain Restaurant Solutions as a solid and reliable expert in their field.

Howley Bread Group

Our company started our partnership in January of 2009 in an effort to centralize our contractors, provide a 24/7 service center to take our repair calls and to help us reduce our repair and maintenance costs as a company for our 21 locations. On average we are saving close to $6000 per location annually.

Chili’s Franchisee


Chain Restaurant Solutions
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CRS is your single source solution for computerized maintenance management. We offer Asset Tracking of all foodservice equipment for warranty tracking, depreciation support and data collection. We also provide Equipment Repair Data Tracking, and PM and Scheduled Maintenance scheduling, tracking, reminders and alerts when work is not completed. We're focused on managing facility and equipment needs to better allow you to focus on management of your employees and increased customer service.